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Waite Waite! A Puzzle Haul

Last Saturday, we took a drive up to Waite Park, MN to Crafter's Direct, because they have a huge inventory of White Mountain puzzles... and they were on sale.

Our recent discovery that we love the collage photo style puzzles that White Mountain does mean we were definitely in the market for a new haul of puzzles!

We bought 9 new puzzles (the clerk may have thought we were made), and can't wait to get started! We're starting with the I love Minnesota one (which we felt was very fitting).

Here's the unboxing....

As we started working on this one, we got so swept up in it...that I forgot I had put dinner in the oven (a frozen dinner of tater tot casserole) and it cooked over an hour longer than I intended. Oops. Don't worry though, it was fine. The tots were a lot crunchier than usual, and we enjoyed the hot meal.

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