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The Start of the 2023 Garden!

And with a little soil and a mist of water, the first seeds are planted!

Our last average frost is April 30th, and it's usually warm enough to start putting things outside by Mother's Day (at least, anything that isn't super tender, like tomatoes and peppers). that means we have about 10-12 weeks to go Time to start some herbs!

'Today, I planted the first three columns of my planter with Oregano, Thyme, Chives*, Basil, Rosemary*, Leeks* and Celery.

I'll start my peppers in a few weeks, as they take longer to get going than tomatoes (never making that February mistake again, I had cherry tomatoes to the ceiling before I could plant them outside!

Soon I hope to have my seed trays and my new set-up full of green and growing things.

Quick Update (3/1): The seeds have been going for over a week, and they herbs are starting to show up! Started with basil, and followed several days later by thyme and oregano, chives, and today the first leek! Still nothing from the Rosemary or celery, but those take longer to sprout.

Thanks for stopping by!

* Denotes something I've never grown from seed before!

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