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Shishito Peppers!

A few of the garden/homesteading YouTubers I follow all swear by blackened shishito peppers and a garlic aioli sauce (claiming it will change my life). I have my doubts, but am willing to give it a try!

I blackened them by letting them toast up in a sizzling hot cast iron pan with avocado oil (took maybe 5-8 minutes with flipping.

And the sauce is just mayo (the blogs swear by homemade, but this is just store-bought), with some grated garlic (1-2 cloves) and fresh lemon juice. And sprinkle flaky salt on the peppers after taking them out of the pan.

They were delicious. Now, I'm not feeling like my life was changed, but I will definitely be trying them again, perhaps I'll add them to the "to grow" list for next summer.

Thanks for stopping by!

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