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Sewing Room - Decluttering Day 2

This week, I've been inspired by Karen Brown from Just Get It Done Quilts to begin the sewing room project I've been avoiding. She is doing a Declutter Along all January, with a different focus each day.

Now, I'm not necessarily following her daily schedule, but instead decluttering as I feel up to it. Earlier this week, I went through my scissors and rotary cutters and rulers and created a pile of things to give away.

Today, I was inspired by her Thread and Trash videos, to finally address the stack of Fat Quarter Shop Sew Sampler boxes and go through my sewing and embroidery thread.

I have a double-sided thread case that I kept all my embroidery thread in, but as you can see from the before picture on the left, it was a hot mess. Today, I gave myself permission to purge the old threads (as they weaken over time and the dust they capture messes with tension) and purged them. I carefully wound the thread so avoid another nest, and below is the result.

I then turned to address the pile of sampler boxes -- each still containing part of what came in them.

Here are my two before photos, and then the pile of now empty boxes leaving for good (hopefully - it is oddly hard to get rid of this sturdy, self-closing boxes that are super handy for storing and mailing things!).

One of the perks of doing this project is that I found a box of things that I can take down to my longarm studio/office. Smalls scissors and pins and pin cushions that were extras in the sewing room are much needed down there, and I didn't have to buy anything!

I'll keep you posted as the project continues.

Thanks for stopping by!

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