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Roasted Tomato Soup

Earlier in September, I posted a few times about my second tomato canning run of the year (what to do with the peels, and canning crushed tomatoes and celery & tomatoes), and realized that forgot to share the roasted tomato soup I made at the same time!

In fact, I completely forgot I even made it, and stumbled across a jar when I was organizing my latest canning projects in the basement. Clearly this was not one that made it into my longer term memory!

Fortunately, I remembered to grab some photos of it!

This was another ball recipe and was a pretty simple, basic, and quick one to make. It's from the "all-new" book rather than the complete book of home preserving. Because this one has garlic, basil (from my garden) and some white wine in it, it requires pressure canning. I think the recipe made 6 pints. As it was a new recipe and I wanted to make sure I liked it, so I didn't over do it.

So, as it was lunchtime, I warmed up a pint. It was roast-y and warming and delicious. Will definitely put this on the "will can it again" list! I also think this would be amazing with grilled cheese! But it was delicious all on it's own.

Thanks for stopping by!

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