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Prime Rib Beef Stew

It's a cold (6 degrees F) and windy late January day, and we just cleaned out our deep freezer. When I saw the frozen leftover prime rib from Christmas, I realized it would make the best beef stew!

I am using a Natasha's Kitchen recipe with a few modifications. I use 3 capfuls of Worcestershire sauce, 1.5 pounds of new potatoes, and this time I needed to use freeze dried carrots because the organic ones I bought earlier in the week went bad and I'm not braving the store again in this cold.

I followed her recipe otherwise, and as I just tasted it, I realized I meant to halve the wine. It's very wine forward, which I don't mind, but my husband doesn't love. I'll need to make a note for next time in the recipe!

We also picked up some bake at home bread, and I'm looking forward to a hearty and filling meal, for us and a friend who's just getting home from the family waiting room at Mayo.

Thanks for stopping by!

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