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National Parks & Puzzles

This time of year is a great time for a family activity in the game room. We started a tradition of a puzzle around Christmas a few years ago, and this year, after we finished our holiday puzzle, we decided to try a national parks one.

We picked up this White Cloud puzzle a few years ago, on a trip to Crafts Direct in Saint Cloud, because it captured two interests in one place.

This one was so fun to put together! I actually completed the entire outside ring (normally not where I start), while my husband was able to really jump in and start with some of the different posters/logos.

We finished this one pretty quickly. I think it may have been a week or two -- we had even set it up on fabric so we could roll it up for his turn to host game night, and didn't need it.

This one was so fun we bought a few more white cloud collages and are keeping it to do it again sometime (which we never do). Here's the start & the final puzzle (i left the final four pieces for him to finish, because I got carried away working on it while he was otherwise occupied (i.e., napping):

Thanks for stopping by!

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