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Molly Approved! The Lockport Illusion Quilty

In December, I took a quick girls' trip to Chicago with my best friend and her daughter. During the trip, I was finally able to take the quilt I made for my brother and his family that was in honor of our parents.

While there, we also went down to Lockport to a fun quilt shop, and I bought this fun quilt kit. I've never sewn something like this, and I loved the store sample and decided to give it a try!

Since I've been making such good progress getting things older things pieced (and now piled up in the longarm studio), I decided that I was justified in doing a newer project.

This quilt, while beautiful, was a challenge. The pattern used colors that were pretty similar to show what colors go in each row/space, and it wasn't super clear. That, together with the fact that the fabrics are very similar, meant that a seam ripper was a definite necessity. (Note to Angela Walter's, this is not a quilt to do while drinking wine!).

I was on my very last seam, joining the bottom 4 rows to the rest of the quilt top, and noticed that two of the diamonds in the last room were flipped. Yikes! Because of the stitch length on my machine, which was much too small, it took me nearly an hour to get these blocks unsewed, flipped, and reconnected. But, I really do think it was important to the overall look.

Jack to the rescue!

As I was showing my husband and Molly the finished quilt top, and trying to decide who to gift it to, he told me that he really liked it -- the optical nature of it and the geometric design, and would love to hang it on the wall of his office!

I'm so flattered that he wanted to have it and have it in his space, so we ran out and picked up some backing fabric, and (once I'm a bit more confident with the longarm), I will be getting it ready for him! I will do an update once it's up on the wall (and maybe on the longarm).

Thanks for stopping by!

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