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Moda Blockheads 4: Postage Stamp by Corey Yoder

I decided to try the postage stamp again, after my dismal results (both in color/design and execution, as seen here). And, at the same time, I've been trying to figure out a postage stamp border for my national parks quilt...

So, I took one of the parks squares and used Corey's pattern exactly, to make this block:

I turned it into a potholder, using some of the leftover extra wide backing from another quilt. I did some more precise top quilting with this one (which is more visible on the back), and I really love how it turned out!

I want to make the border smaller for the final NP quilt, I don't like all the extra black around the stamp design, and I can get more parks into a car-sized lap quilt, if the blocks are smaller!

Thanks for stopping by!

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