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Making Progress with Gracie

I made some progress on putting together my longarm and frame this long holiday weekend! Not as much as I was hoping, but I'm okay with this taking some time. It's a bit intimidating, so bite-sized steps seem to be the best option for me.

And yes, you may have noticed the name change. Queenie kept reminding me of that blonde bimbo character from the latest Harry Potter series of movies set in the 1920's. She just doesn't strike me as vapid and silly, so Gracie it is!

Earlier in the week, I got the back rail re-centered so that the machine plate stopped falling off (which was very frustrating, and is the reason that this has been going so slowly).

Today, my sweetie helped me to put the machine on the tracks! I got the handles, thread cones, and displays attached, installed the upper and lower encoders, and got it more level (the back had to come up in the center and right posts, so the machine would stop rolling back).

I got to move it around a bit, and I love how smooth it feels. I'm very excited to see this progress! The machine is done with the install, so now I need to go back to the frame instructions, which I hope to get finished this weekend.

Today, while we were out and about running errands, I picked up some batting and some cheaper Joann's cotton, so that I have some practice fabric. I also ordered the leader fabric yesterday, as it looks like that will making loading easier and use less quilting cotton, in the long run.

Thanks for stopping by!

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