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In Time for Tuesday, it's Taco Pizza!

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

I've never been a fan of Taco Pizza (or really, any thing on Pizza that isn't available on a traditional pizza/Italian restaurant menu), but we saw this recipe from Brian Lagerstrom a few weeks ago, and I've been dying to try it ever since!

The trick is that it looks like a pizza... but it tastes like a Mexican flatbread, so you need to think of it as a taco flatbread!

The crust has masa in it, which imparts a great corn taste (and if you cook it thin enough, it's very cracker-like, which I loved). The sauce is made with more traditional medical/southwest flavors (Chiles en Adobe and cumin, among other things), and so it's about as non-traditional of a pizza sauce as I've tried, and the taco meat is full of tons of rich flavors, including tomato sauce, brown sugar and vinegar, spices, and some chicken broth. And we strayed from our usual "no veggies" family rule about pizza, to add a fresh tomato and black olives. The cheese was a mix of pepper jack and medium cheddar, hand-grated.

We served it topped with fresh lettuce, and sour cream (and for me, a drizzle or a puddle of Taco Gringo sauce).

This one was definitely a favorite in our nachos-loving house, and will definitely make the rotation regularly. The recipe makes enough for two pies (plus more for the sauce), so we froze the extras for next time.

I loved the taco meat so much that I made a 6 pound batch (thanks, Costco) and froze it in 1/2 pound chunks so I can have that delicious rich goodness with very little effort on a weeknight!

I hope you give this a try. Thanks for stopping by!

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