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From the Garden and CSA: Roasted Poblano, Sweet Corn and Potato Soup.

In this week's CSA box, we got 4 ears of corn and a leek, amongst other things. I have a bunch of my homegrown poblano peppers and potatoes... and so I decided to finally try this roasted poblano, sweet corn and potato soup.

It was also a good way to use up some of the things that I need to use... so I made a few substitutions. I didn't have any fresh 2% milk, so I made some instant milk from the powder I have from thrive. To be honest, that was a miss.... so I added in some half and half later, because it needed the creaminess!

I also had one pint left of spicy chicken broth (left over from the Ball's Roast Pork in a spicy broth recipe). So I decided to use that!

I also had 1 leek (and the recipe called for 2), so I added in half a shallot to round it out. Finally, it gave me a great reason to use up the bacon I had left from making baked beans a week or two ago.

That's obviously not my photo (it's from the accompanying recipe).

It's spicer than expected... because of my broth choice. But overall it was a good meal full of garden-fresh produce, and was fun to cook with what I had on hand!

Thanks for stopping by!

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