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First Stitches with Gracie

A new journey written in thread...

I was watching some YouTubers and their free motion and longarm quilting advice. One thing that came up a few times was "just do it."

Clearly, I'm not the only one who has felt nervous to start using this machine!

One quilter gave great advice: write your name with the machine. It gives you the chance to start moving the machine and stitching, but in a pattern (your name) that you've practiced thousands and thousands of times.

And that turned out to be really great advice! So today, I finally loaded up the fabric, threaded the machine, and started quilting!

Definitely not the prettiest quilting ever, but I actually like the way I can do the curvy loops! Echo is tougher.... might be easier with some boundaries and direction. But practice will make progress. It was fun, and really enjoyable.

Thanks for stopping by!

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