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A Thanksgiving Canning & Garden Recap

This year, Thanksgiving was bigger than originally planned, and so it was a great opportunity to make some homemade stock and make some room in the freezer! So a few days before thanksgiving, I got out the rotisserie chicken carcasses (and some freezer burned chicken meat) and a bunch of celery leaves (from my garden) and onions and the like and make 4 quarts of chicken stock. I canned it (two sealed, the others got used for the Thanksgiving meal).

For the holiday, we used my last jar of jalapeño jam with cream cheese for an appetizer, and used about 4 pints of my home canned green beans for the green bean casserole. Our home grown (and dehydrated) sage, thyme and rosemary were featured in the different stuffing recipes (Rosemary in the Fig & Cornbread stuffing). And the cranberry relish was the last jar remaining from 2020, and was sweet and delicious.

The day after thanksgiving, I ended d up making 6 quarts of stock from the turkey bones and neck, some more veggies, and a splash of apple cider vinegar.

It's fun for me to be able to use some of my own canning (and create delicious homemade bone stock) for thanksgiving, and the house smelled wonderful!

Thanks for stopping by!

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